EB corbos Hypervisor training – inhouse

Learn to integrate, configure and use the EB corbos Hypervisor.

Duration: 2 days

Price: 5.000,00  excl. tax, excl. travel expenses

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Get your hands on the EB corbos Hypervisor!

  • Gain deep knowledge about the fundamentals of a hypervisor, its architecture, and types
  • Understand the principles of virtualization
  • See how to install EB corbos hypervisor and configure it to your needs



  • Introduction to platform virtualization
  • Overview on the EB corbos Hypervisor
  • Setup target
    Goal: build firmware, flash target, fetch hypervisor via tftp and boot HV on A-5x
  • Building the HV and how to start as a  project
    Goal: build HV, get it started on the target


  • Configure the HV and its modules like ned, devres, etc., add new VM and give it network and emmc access
    Goal: build own config and get it compiled and executed
  • Integration with Linux: VMs, DTB and HV interaction
    Goal: Integrate your own Linux VM into the HV, do device pass-through and adapt DTB
  • Writing a HV app, IPC, sharing memory. Write 1st server
    Goal: Understand src tree of HV
  • How-to write tests
    • Requirement/Test case structure
    • Testframework and Reqm2
    • Testcases as HV component and inside VMs
    • Goal: Capable of writing API, hypervisor test components and Linux test cases and link the test cases into the ReqM2 setup


  • Software developers
  • Software integrators
  • Software architects
  • Project managers


Programming language C++

Max. number of attendees