Scrum developer training – inhouse

Become a Scrum Developer.

Duration: 1 day

Price: 2.500,00  excl. tax, excl. travel expenses

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Improve communication within your projects, react faster to requirement changes, and implement customer feedback within the development process. Let your employees and customers benefit from Scrum.


    • Scrum theory and principles
    • Scrum framework
    • Definition of Done
    • Running a Scrum project
    • Working with people and teams
    • Scrum roles
    • Deep dive in the Scrum Developer’s tasks
        • Architecture and Design
          • Principles of Architecture in agile Software Development
          • Principles to enable testability and ease of refactoring
        • Collaboration within the team
          • How to work together as a team
          • How to work together with the customer
          • Pair Programming
        • Test Driven Development (TDD)
          • Steps of TDD
          • Unit Test principles
          • Measures of effective tests
        • Refactoring
          • When to use refactoring?
          • Patterns of refactoring
          • Clean Code


The training enables attendees to work as team member in a Development team in Scrum. In order to best prepare you for your future role, training includes Scrum theory as well as advice on working together in a team, working together with the customer and using practices to achieve a runnable product increment.


  • Software developers
  • Testers without Scrum experience


  • Software development experience
  • Laptop with Java or C++ IDE installed
  • Unit Test Framework

Max. number of attendees

12 persons