Close intercompany collaboration training – inhouse

Optimize processes beyond company borders.

Duration: 1 day

Price: 2.500,00  excl. tax, excl. travel expenses

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Movements like “agile development” or “Industry 4.0” drive the optimization of processes beyond company borders. A rising number of companies use agile methodologies to cope with today’s challenges and look for suitable partners that fit in flexible working environments. The objective of this training is to enable the attendee to profit most from the advantages of close customer collaboration, and to avoid potential risks.


  • Criteria for a close collaboration
  • Levels of collaboration
  • Benefits and risks
  • Fallback strategies

The focus of the training can be adapted to your needs.

We support your business in benefitting from successful project execution. We protect you from losses due to unregulated newly requested collaboration models. And we enable the Sales Organization to communicate and negotiate with customers on an expert level about conditions of close collaboration.


  • Sales Organization and Key Account Managers who are involved in contracting during the acquisition phase of projects.
  • Project Managers who work together with the customer in this close collaboration during the project execution phase.
  • Change Managers who are responsible for agile introductions should know of possible levels of collaboration with the customer.



Max. number of attendees

12 persons


The consultation and training content was built with the best of our knowledge and belief. EB assumes no liability for the completeness, correctness, actuality or reliability of the contents. Also no warranty is taken over for the usefulness and/or versatility of the contents