Agile workflows with Jira training – inhouse

Set up, configure, and use JIRA effectively

Duration: 1 day

Price: 2.500,00  excl. tax, excl. travel expenses

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The Issue tracking project management software Jira® from Atlassian® has built in functionalities that enable teams to apply agile methodologies. Get an insight into the details of Kanban and Scrum boards. You will gain knowledge about the usage of Jira in your daily work by creating and processing work packages.


  • Scrum or Kanban?
  • Setup of Scrum boards
  • Workflows in Scrum
  • Metrics and Graphs in Scrum
  • Setup of Kanban boards
  • Workflows in Kanban
  • Metrics and Graphs in Kanban

The focus of the training can be adapted to your needs.


In this training you will learn how Jira supports work processes of agile teams that apply Scrum or Kanban. After this training you will be able to set up, configure, and use Jira effectively in your environment.


Anyone who deals with Jira and wants to better understand how Jira supports agile working modes.


Basic knowledge in agile methodologies, Kanban, Scrum, and Jira.

Max. number of attendees:



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